Component Services

 TEXL provides component repair services for in-house GE90 series engines and third party customers.

 We are continuously investing in people and facilities to ensure that we provide high-quality, dependable services to meet the needs of our customers.

 Drawing on TEXL’s multinational expertise and reliable machines, we are able to overhaul an array of complex core engine components back to a fully restored condition quickly.

Component Repair Capabilities

 TEXL has developed a comprehensive range of component repair capabilities to support in-house engines as well as 3rd party customers. 

 Our capabilities include but not limited to:  

Chemical Cleaning and Stripping                  CNC Machining      

Heat Treatment                                         Inspection and CMM

• Plasma Spray                                             • Non-Destructive Testing

        • Laboratory Testing & Analysis                      • FPI  

Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Stripping          • Welding

Hand Rework Repairs                                 • X-ray

• Paint Coatings                                           • Shot Peening

3rd Party Component Repair

 TEXL provides component repair services with world class turn time and competitive pricing to 3rd party customers from airlines & MROs in Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

 And our major components for 3rd party customers have been expanded to include Combustion Case, Diffuser, Fan Platforms, HPC Forward Case, Harnesses, Stage 9 OGV, After Engine Mounts, etc.

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